Enjoying Meals

Dining is a 3-times-a-day social event at Le Bleu Chateau. Our residents look forward to sharing tasty meals with their friends, neighbors and visiting family members. The gatherings provide lots of opportunities to converse and mingle. And for those who struggle with communication, they still benefit from being amid the chatter and camaraderie.

Tasty & Nutritious Menus

To maintain their health, it is important for our residents to eat regularly and to eat nourishing foods. To achieve this, the food must be tasty.

And it is. Our menus are designed by licensed nutritionist, René Hiel, R.D., with input from the residents. René attends the resident council meetings to talk about past and future offerings. She combines this information with her 22 years of experience to create a 5 week cycle of meals that are both flavorful and nutritious.

René also develops menus for those suffering with medical issues and must follow special diets that are recommended by their doctor. The two most common options in this program are the "Heart Healthy Diet" and the "Diabetic Diet". (This extra dining service is available upon request.)

For those who wish to nibble in between meals, we also provide a snack bar all day long that includes cereal, fruit and sandwiches (per request), along with juice, coffee, tea, milk and hot chocolate.

When you come to see our facilities, please plan to dine with us and get a good taste of Le Bleu Chateau.