Getting The Most From This Site

To best view this site, we recommend you use Internet Exporer 5.1 or newer or the FireFox browser. In addition, this site uses audio, video and Adobe Acrobat PDF files. To view these files requires that your browser have certain 'plug-ins'. These browser plug-ins are not viruses, or other nasty software. They are safe and very helpful. We have also made every attempt to make the multimedia work well with dial up, but a better experience can be had with a High-Speed Connection.

Multi-Media Files

  When you see this button, it indicates a link to a multi-media flash file. The site includes many Flash multi-media files that have audio and video. Clicking on this button will open a new window and load the player. You will need to have Flash 7 installed. If you see the player appear, you have it. Otherwise you will be prompted to install it.

Loading Flash
If you do not see the player, but instead get an alert box about Flash, it indicates that your browser is not ready to view to these clips. To play the audio and video will require Flash 7. If you do not have Flash 7 installed when you are on a page that has audio or video, a message box will popup and ask if you want to install it. Click yes and it will install. It should only take a minute to install and is safe and will not damage your computer at all. Once it has installed, you may be asked to restart your computer. Once you have done this, you will not have to do it again.

Using the Player
If you do have Flash 7 or once you install it, your multi-media files will begin playing the audio or video a few moments after the player appears. The player will actually begin playing the video before it is fully loaded and stream the video to you. If you are on a dial-up internet connection, you may find that the video stops occassionally. This is probably due to your computer playing the video faster than your dial-up connection can download it. In this case wait a few moments until more of the video is downloaded and you can click play again to resume.

Adobe PDF Files

To view some of the auxiliary files that are in Adobe PDF, you will need to have the adobe reader and plug-in installed. This requires a manual install of the Adobe Acrobat Reader and this can be downloaded here:

If after this you still experience trouble viewing the PDF documents in your browser, you can right-click and save the file to your computer. Once you do this, you can then click on the file and open it directly in Adobe Acrobat reader.

Report Trouble

If you have any trouble or comments about the website, feel free to contact the webmaster.