'Living' At Le Bleu Chateau

At Le Bleu Chateau, we have created a lifestyle that offers interaction and privacy.

Our seniors enjoy the social benefits of the community areas they share with other residents - the dining room, the rec. room, the TV room, the patios and the lobby. They also treasure the privacy of their own bedroom, along with their private bath.

Of course, living at Le Bleu Chateau, you get much more than rooms and buildings. We provide "individual" care programs, helping each resident to develop a personal routine that fits their needs and comfort zone. Plus, we always include the priceless intangibles that are essential to a fulfilling life: companionship, compassion, respect and human dignity.

A Variety Of Apartments To Choose From

We keep our fees simple. The services we render are combined into four all-inclusive packages that are listed on this page. (See table .)

We find that these packages work much better than charging a low base fee and then itemizing each bath, snack, hair combing, etc. Our residents and their families like this pricing system, too. They know in advance that their cost each month will be fair and consistent. Plus, family members appreciate the fact that they will never find their loved one skipping a bath or meal in order to save some money. (Yes, that will happen.)

We consider our package fees to be in the "affordable" category, not the cheapest nor the most expensive. With the high level of care and attention that our residents and their families demand, we just cannot be the cheapest. Fortunately, we are able to keep our fees in the mid-range because of good fiscal management. Plus, as a long-standing, 20+ year old community, we are not weighed down by some of the high costs that burden brand new facilities.

Most Services Are Included

We include as much in the package prices as we can. And as you can see below, we do pretty well. However, there are some services that cost extra.

Personal ServicesFee
Beauty ParlorPer Service
Bladder & Bowel Management$300/month
Daily Meals (3) & SnacksNo Charge
Drive to Doctor & ShoppingNo Charge
Help with Dressing, Grooming
& Bathing
No Charge
HousekeepingNo Charge
LaundryNo Charge
Medication ManagementNo Charge
Social Activity ProgramNo Charge