Medication Management

Our 9 point Medication Management Program is designed to dispense medicines as ordered by the doctors, and to monitor our residents for positive and negative reactions. The program builds in communication and coordination between all the parties involved in this process - residents, family members, doctors, pharmacists and our staff.

Below are 9 actions we take to supervise and manage the medications of our residents.

9 Point Program

  1. For our resident's safety, we check medication containers for content, correct labeling and expiration dates.
  2. Our staff ensures that the doctors’ orders are followed.
  3. We make sure that even over-the-counter medications have a doctor’s order to avoid the chance of adverse interactions.
  4. When new medications are introduced, our staff is trained to look for common side effects and behavioral changes that are evidence of adverse medication reactions.
  5. If needed (per doctor's order) for residents on heart or hypertensive medications, we monitor heart rate daily and blood pressure weekly. Any consistent irregularities are immediately reported to their doctor(s) and the family.
  6. Our staff works as a team to spot changes in health condition and inform their doctor(s) and family.
  7. Our charting adds an extra layer of safety when an acute problem arises and our resident is treated by someone other than their own doctor.